special events

Seasonally, Oceanique prepares a special fixed-price wine dinner featuring a handful of exquisitely chosen wines, usually from the same producer or region.


2017 February  North Shore  Restaurant Month

$44 per person
(Excludes drinks, tax & gratuity)

Chef’s Surprise

Choice of Starter

Wild Maine Lobster Belgian Endive
Bufala Mozzarella Caviar Avocado

Butternut Squash Ravioli
Fennel Prosciutto Crispy Sage Walnuts

New Zealand Venison Pâté
Almonds Parsley-Apple Salad Berry Gelée Poilâne & Brioche Toast

Golden Beets Warm Goat Cheese Artichoke
Belgian Endive Watercress Pecans

Seasonal Sorbet

Choice of Entrée

Wild Rhode Island Skate
Oyster Mushrooms   Eggplant   Bacon   Parsnip    Tarragon

Organic Norwegian Fjord Ocean Trout
Elote   Butternut Squash    White Asparagus    Turmeric Poblano

Eggplant Heirloom Carrots   Oyster Mushrooms
Parsnip      Leek-Basil Broth

Chef’s Pastry Selection


This menu is significantly discounted
Please adjust your gratuity accordingly

Cannot be combined with any other offers